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We manufacture over 80 different types of batch and continuous furnaces in sizes from 1cu cm to 10cu m.

Process testing and Toll firing is available in our Applied Technology Center furnaces with capabilities to 2,800°C.

Spare parts including heating elements, new hot zones, programmable controllers, vacuum/pressure sensors, and Worldwide Field Service is available for all furnace makes and models.

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Centorr Vacuum Industries specializes in challenging custom-designed furnace solutions for difficult thermal processes.

Centorr/Vacuum Industries is a vacuum furnace manufacturer based in Nashua, NH. They have achieved their position of technical leadership in the advanced design high-temperature vacuum furnaces and control atmosphere furnaces by delivering innovative solutions to challenging high temperature materials processing problems.

Standard vacuum furnaces are available for high temperature sintering, hot pressing for powder compaction or diffusion bonding, vacuum heat treating, precision vacuum brazing, and thermal heat treatment. These designs are augmented by specialized, custom-designed vacuum furnaces for chemical vapor deposition, Graphitization, Graphite Purification, and induction melting. These techniques and processes are used worldwide for a wide range of metal and ceramic materials at various stages during conversion from raw materials to finished product.

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